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How it works

The Treax Pad system has two different functions: the force indication scale and random light signals.

Scale functionForce indication scale

The force indication scale responds to pressure and gives feedback using a light signal. The light signal can be activated by the hand or foot, depending on which area of the body you want to exercise.  The light signal indicates changes in the amount of force or weight applied by the user, making it easy for the user to monitor changes in motor actions or weight bearing. When the user steps on a pad, for example, he/she will be motivated to control the distribution of weight on his/her legs, so that the force indication scale matches the colour on the pad. The function can be adjusted to respond to the force or weight applied by the specific user. The force indication scale is visible and can be adjusted with the + and – keys on the side of the pads.

Treax Pads force indication scale

The force indication function focuses on training weight transfer. It can also be used to correct posture, by giving the user a clear picture of his/her own weight distribution in motor actions. Comparing the level of force from both sides of the body is also possible using the force indication scale.


random functionRandom light signals

This function reacts by emitting a random light signal when touched. It responds to all touch regardless the amount of force applied or whether applied by hand or foot. Treax Pads come in three different colours and the random light signal corresponds to these three colours. When the user receives a light signal, he/she navigates to a new pad with a matching colour. By activating this pad, a new light signal will direct the user to a new pad, continuing in this fashion.

Treax Pads random function

The Random function focuses on cognitive challenges, such as reaction time, concentration and motor coordination. It can be used to exercise both sides of the upper body, where training the weaker side of the body can be camouflaged as part of the game.  With a larger set of Treax Pads, the Random function can be fully exploited. See more under Specifications.


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