We get everyone moving

INNOVAID makes movement possible for everyone, despite age and physical condition.

We activate and stimulate the senses for everyone who wants to join in.


Children deserve an active childhood

With INNOVAID every child can have an active childhood.

See your child improve with products that motivate and inspire.


Train your way back to life

INNOVAID offers rehabilitation equipment of the highest quality to fit your needs.

Let us help you move forward.

  • With HAPPY REHAB you gain freedom to move and the opportunity train and come back strong.
  • An interactive traning system that can be used in all kinds of play and activity.

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My son doesn't fall as often

Mother of 8-year old boy

FOOTSTEPS - One of the first in the UK

Congrats! FOOTSTEPS is one of the first rehab centres in the UK offering interactive rehabilitation with the HAPPY REHAB system. Footsteps was...


We are proud to present our new INNOVAID'er, who has just started at INNOVAID in Norway.   Eli Alice Wiik is employed as Physiotherapist and is...

New products will be launched at the CSM2015 in Indianapolis, USA

PARiiT - The interactive environment for active and passive range of motion of lower extremities Come and get a demonstration on how an interactive...